The Binary Party Continues- SWCC v Zambuca Tigers 15.07.2020

Off to another venue of dreams for the first twenty over game of this brief summer. The Author played one of his first matches in 1989 at this venue and no-one lost serotonin at its prospect.

This, however, is a ‘needs must’ summer and twenty over bashes are best when local. With the light drawing in during the second innings it became clear that, outside of a 15-day window either side of solstice, these matches can struggle with 6pm starts in anything other than clear conditions- especially when the sight screen is a large oak tree. The use of the pink ball brought a smug look to The Author’s face having suffered ridicule at such a suggestion many years back. Now I know how Jimmy Hill must have felt at times.

We see a lot of the Tigers each summer and the reasons are clear. They’re a friendly bunch. All ages, all talents and a nice warmth about the way they play the game. The match kicked off with Wanderers winning the toss (Draft note- May need confirmation on that) and unsurprisingly batting.

The runs flowed steadily throughout the innings with three 25 retirements. Good stuff for the averages but not for the scorer. Tyler Nevill, The Big Bear and Mr Styles being the asterisked personnel. Will elegantly stroked a fluent 24 and Johno went scything wheat in his usual way.

There were four further additions to the Wanderers binary club of 2020 bringing the total to nine in the first two matches.  A plump score of 165 looked good for prospects.

Annotation 2020-07-17 174528

Thus, it proved. The usual merry-go-round of bowlers in place made the game entertaining as ever and a few unlikely wicket takers meant the bowling list looks as fun as the batting at present. Mr Styles pooped the binary party with two, Mr Noakes taking a single to have more wickets than runs at present. His earlier duck being conveniently blamed on the arrival of the missus although the family being within a 25-mile radius of the ground is certainly a handicap for superstitious miss-fortune.

Tigers made a game of it and, although not looking to threaten Wanderers healthy total, fell only 14 short at the end.

Once again cricket was the winner and the plethora of availabilities suggests that Wanderers have an unusual problem at present with players having to stand down. A problem that, perhaps, is a fortunate one at present.

Annotation 2020-07-17 174740

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