Brrrr- SWCC v Jevington- 27.09.2020

For those who subscribe to the theory that fate is a living entity, and that it should not be tempted in any circumstance, today’s short report is all the evidence you need. Having spoken of the, possibly permanent in some quarters, passing of the cricket tea, Wanderers were re-directed to Jevington for their final scheduled match of the season. Many will be aware that Jevington is among the most famous of all Sussex grounds for the match interval tuck in. Very few who have been on the Sunday circuit for any length of time will be unaware. But today, as if the cricket tea was trying a desperate end of season protest before the plethora of AGMs, the tea hut became a forlorn and distant relic of seasons gone by.

This wasn’t where it ended. The weather had been enlisted to help its cause. September this year has once again shown that it can be such a pleasant month for the great game. But, as if toying with folk’s psychology and intent to carry on further into autumn, the agreement with the Tea Troll was that conditions would stay dry enough for a game to take place but with a chill wind and ominous clouds. October has clearly taken its ball home and wants to be left in peace- only to have a jolly good laugh in its second and third week when virtual AGMs are met with warm autumn sunshine, crispy leaves and beautiful colours. I love England.

As for the game itself, Wanderers September finished with another blank. Next week is Harvest Sunday and the Binary Club has certainly been collecting donations. Six of them today. The Big Bear was certainly not making an offering after opening and posting his second fifty of the campaign. Lloyd made 34 at number 3, surprisingly his best contribution to a tough season, and Teflon made 15. But Wanderers, having passed the century mark with three wickets down, failed to trouble the scorers much further. Middle and late order woes led to a collapse that ended the innings on 123. Pencil sharpeners are an essential when logging a Wanderers innings after the fall of the third wicket in the present era. Still, the prospects aren’t as doom and gloom as today’s clouds. Slasher Styles and the great Ant have given encouraging signs this year, Johno is no batting mug, and the OSIT is still the trust worthy Dab. As much as you get days when things come together you get days when they don’t. Or months, such as September has been.

Jevington made relatively short work of the total despite an early wobble to 57-3, all wickets falling to Lloyd in that passage. Lloyd is a very capable bowler who perhaps sub-consciously, like The Big Bear, sees it as a secondary armour string. Jevington have two players with the surname of Fielder, although batsman and bowler they are too. One took five wickets and the other struck a swift 34. Opener Swan made a half century. The target was reached with a run rate of over five an over. Clearly it was better to be busy at the wicket and in the field on a biting afternoon that belonged in the shadow of Christmas trees rather than combine harvesters.

Images owner: Gemma Manvell

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