Up And Not Quite Running- SWCC v Themselves 25.04.2021

Sunny weather, pleasant country setting, and a plentiful gathering. Sounds familiar ? Does anything sound familiar anymore ?

Wanderers began the season, or pre-season, with a gathering at Steyning CC and an inter-club game in which the result mattered so little that The Author failed to even ask for it. One team won, the team batting second, and then carried on. The rules seemed a little uncertain to this late arrival, so much so that he felt comfortable fielding and umpiring at square leg whilst, deciding on assumption, that someone was run out, having been embroiled in conversation with the splendid Gemma and turning to see the stranded batsman a foot outside his ground- even a few seconds after the appeal.

Still, the match wasn’t really a match anyway. It was a re-introduction, or a new welcome, to players and would be players of this season. Things start in earnest at West Hoathly next Sunday.

Despite yesterday’s beautiful spring warmth, the wind was a little biting. Although far from the squeaky fart of a day that ended last year’s quickfire season at Jevington. Whether Wanderers pack quite so many matches into a short period of time again remains to be seen. But the last weekend in April suggests that every attempt is being made to return to normality. Hope on our side has the traditional pub gatherings returning in late June. Emphasis on hope.

The awards for 2020 were finally made and the recipients are shown below.

Player Of The Season:  G.Jones

Bowling Cup: L.Crathern

Batting Cup: G.Jones

Merit Cup: G.Manvell

Captain’s Award: M.Johnson

Wally The Wanderer’s Champaign Moment: P.Styles

Images: G.Manvell & C.Noakes- Not to be reproduced without permission

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